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Shizzle Carried at Specialty Food Stores

Can’t Find The Shizzle In Your Favorite Store?

Help us break in (figuratively!!) and we’ll treat you to a free Shizzle gift pack.

Here's how it works:

1. Go to your favorite store (or any store that doesn't carry The Shizzle)

2. Pop a few tic-tacs, and calmly approach the store management

3. Use whatever tactics necessary to persuade them to put The Shizzle on their shelves (idea starters: threaten a boycott, use hypnosis, kung fu, or if all else fails...tell the truth!)

4. Give them our number (919-424-1866) or email (

5. Send us an email with the vital information: store name, address, phone number, and the name and temperament of the store manager

6. If we make a sale, we'll let you know and ship you some well-earned Shizzle!

7. Keep a few jars for yourself, and give the rest to your best (or soon-to-be best) friends

8. Tell your new best friends to go to step #1 so they can score their own motherlode of The Shizzle!


Distributors Wanted

Are you interested in distributing The Shizzle? If so, call us at (919) 424-1866. Initial minimum order is (50) 12-jar cases.

Can’t Find The Shizzle In Your Specialty Food Store Store?

Help us convince the world to carry our gourmet food products in a store near you. Just follow the instructions above and we will send you a free Shizzle Gift Pack! There you go! All of your Christmas Gifts are paid for and wrapped.

Get The Shizzle, the best Spicy Food Seasoning, into a store near you and get a FREE Shizzle Gift Pack!

Who knew The Shizzle would be such a favorite gift idea? OK, truthfully – We did. We knew people would find our sauce was a favorite for party gifts, corporate gifts, gourmet gifts, and most importantly Ladies …. the solution for “what to get your man”.

Our Jerk Chicken Marinade is perfect for specialty food shops, hot sauce stores, craft beer stores, Caribbean and Jamaican themed stores, gourmet food cafes, wine shops, or natural food stores.