"The most amazing jerk sauce I’ve ever tasted!"

"The Shizzle was off the chain!”

"I parted my eyebrows with my tongue!"

"The recipe of spices is perfection!”

"...truly is the Sh%#!"

"One of the best, most flavorful burns hit my palate!"

The Supermarket Guru: New Product Hits & Misses

“The Shizzle Jerk Marinade—It’s a HIT! At first taste I was concerned the ‘Voodoo Hot’ wouldn’t be hot enough. Well, seconds later one of the best, most flavorful burns hit my palate. It’s one of the best tasting marinades I’ve had…the recipe of spices is perfection!”

Phil Lempert
The Supermarket Guru


The Meat House

“All I can say is, WOW. I have tasted every kind of jerk seasoning available, but have never experienced anything like The Shizzle. Our entire team sampled it on grilled chicken, and not only did we immediately agree to put it on our shelves– we requested it in bulk containers to use behind the counter for our pre-marinated meats.”

Jeff Gregory
The Butcher’s Market
Cary, NC


Whole Foods Market

“The Shizzle marinade is absolutely delicious on pork chops and catfish fillets. After a marinating for several hours, I prefer to broil the pork chops and pan-sear the catfish. Both come out tender and flavorful—mildly sweet, infused with spices and just a touch of heat. They don’t call it ‘The Shizzle’ for nothing!”

Whole Foods Market


The GROW Initiative

“My fiancé and I served in Peace Corps Jamaica for two years and have eaten from jerk pans in every Parish in the country. We can honestly say The Shizzle is the shizzle, fo rizzle. It is a great wet rub/marinade that takes us back to the island without leaving home. We liked it so much we are making it the centerpiece for our Peace Corps Jamaica reunion next month! Jah bless RastafarI!”

Brooke Anderson
Executive Director
The GROW Initiative


Broken Arrow Ranch

“I’m in the wild game business down in Texas. We harvest truly wild deer, antelope, and boar from over 1,000,000 acres and sell the meats to fine dining restaurants across the country. I HIGHLY recommend The Shizzle on wild game. It’s true, the anteLOPE was DOPE. The Shizzle di’nt fizzle. The antelope came off the plains but the Shizzle was off the chain!”

John Michon
Wild Game Consultant


Jerk Fanatic

“My wife got me a Shizzle gift pack for the most romantic Valentine’s Day, ever…I will say I was quite skeptical of The Shizzle sauce as my love for all things jerked is rivaled only by love of beer, the Dawgs, and television. I’ve tried all of the other jarred varieties as well as rubs and I will say that the Shizzle truly is the Sh%#. It’s off the hook! Congratulations!”

Andrew Long
Jerk Lover, UGA Fan



“When I put The Shizzle Voodoo Hot on my chicken for the first time, I parted my eyebrows with my tongue, and went blind for 24 hours…and I have never been happier not to see anything!”

Guido Martinelli
Shizzlehead, via Facebook


New Jersey Shizzlehead

“Chef Austin. You are brilliant!! Your Shizzle is the most amazing jerk sauce I’ve ever tasted. You have brought the true flavor of the islands to my home. Thank You!”

Jim Wilson
Shizzlehead, via Email


The In-House Chef

“I still say this is the best jerk sauce I’ve ever tasted and I have tasted numerous recipes. I also have tried it on everything, including roasted veggies…THE BEST!!”

Geraldine Robinson
Proprietor, Personal Chef